Travellers In Swallowfield Church Car Park

Warning - Recent Traveller Visit Leaves River Banks a Mess


Following the recent visit by travellers to the Swallowfield Church car park, we would ask all members wanting to fish the top end of the River Blackwater around and above the Weir Pool area to excercise caution. The travellers have not only dumped their usual rubbish around the area but have been using the undergrowth as their toilet as well. Although these filthy people were only at the site for 24hrs before being moved on, the mess is still not pleasant. At the current time, the club has not had time to assess what course of action is required as far as cleaning up goes but once again we would recommend our members take particular care in this area especially where junior anglers are concerned.

New Membership Secretary

New Membership Secretary Notice


As of the forthcoming AGM, our current membership secretary, Martyn McCarthy has decided to step down from this role and also to relinquish his place within the committee of Swallowfield Fishing Club. The committee would like to extend their gratitude to him for many years of service to the club and his role dealing with the memberships over this period. We are sure that all of you will share in the thanks as well.

Mr Dave Randal has kindly offered to take over from Martyn dealing with all things related to the memberships. Officially this will start after the AGM but all of the membership forms have been altered to reflect this as of 7th April 2017, so all correspondance  will go via Dave Randall. We wish him well in this role.