Bamboo Match

Plenty Of Small Fish On The Bamboo

Sunday 20th July saw this years Bamboo match take place on the Blackwater. Seven adult and two colt members turned out to fish with only a bamboo cane allowed as a rod. Not to say that anybody didnt cheat, but various modificationshappened along the way with pole elastic, safety  pins as rod eyes and reels taped to the canes. A big thank you to Lee and his good lady wife for the new "green" bamboo canes from their garden, which were not only longer but a little more flexible. The weather stayed good with sunshine and a gentle breeze which made the mornings fishing very pleasant. Everyone caught fish over the mornings match which was a bonus with the two colts catching small fish but not enough to register on the scales, but well done anyway. Results are as follows.

  1. D. Yates           2lb 12oz
  2. B. Keirle           2lb   2oz
  3. D. Pearce        2lb   2oz
  4. L. Atkins          1lb   14oz
  5. K. Randall       1lb    0oz
  6. R. Hatchett               8oz
  7. J. Sitch                      5oz