21 Club Away 2008

Loddon Fishes Poorly For Swallowfield Away Match

August 3rd saw 21 Club play host to Swallowfield Fishing club on their stretch of the Loddon near Twyford. A good turn out of anglers from both clubs saw 20 plus fisherman take part hoping to take a top three place for a share in the prize money. With peg numbers drawn and directions to each individuals swims explained, all that remained was for the matchmen to get to their swim, setup and await the whistle. It would seem that the swims were a bit of a "mixed bag" but in the end, it would appear that none of them fisheds well at all. From the talk at the end of the match it seemed that all of the so called "action", had been in the first hour of the match and complete silence from then on. "very common for the Twyford stretch", one had said. First, second and third had gone to the 21 Club guys with the winning weight of 6lb 10oz, with most of that weight being a 4lb 2oz Chub. Well done though th N. Norris who managed to draw the golden peg and came first out of the Swallowfield anglers. The Golden Peg  pot now starts again from the Twighlight Match. The results for Swallowfield are listed below.


  1. N. Norris          1lb 12oz  (Golden Peg)
  2. D. Yates          1lb   3oz
  3. D. Clark                  15oz
  4. K. Randall                4.5oz
  5. R. Hatchett              4oz
  6. M. McCarthy            3oz
  7. D. Pearce                 2oz
  8. R. Norris                   1oz
  9. J. Sitch              DNWI
  10. B. Keirle            DNWI