Hills Memorial Evening Match 4 2008

Small Fish Still Abundant On Last Evening Match

Wenesday 6th August saw the last of the Hills Memorial eving matches take place, the seven anglers all choosing to fish on the Blackwater. The evening was overcast and fairly humid with only a light shower half way through the match which made for reasonable conditions. The results are below with the winning weight of 4lb 4oz being a single chub. All of the other catches were made up of silver fish including two very young Barbel and a good Roach.


  1. D. Pearce                        4lb 4oz (Chub)
  2. M. Mcarthy                      2lb 7oz
  3. R. Hatchett                      2lb 6oz
  4. D. Clark                           1lb 8oz
  5. S. McCarthy & J Curtis       14oz
  6. B. Keirle                                7oz