Twilight Cup 2008

Perch, Dace & Trout Show On Twilight Cup Match

The Twilight Cup took place on the afternoon of Sunday 17th August. The rover match saw 7 anglers spread along almost the entire length of the Blackwater. Again, as with previous matches this season the small fish were in abundance. Several anglers caught decent sized Perch up to about 1lb with some very good sized Dace from the Loddon/Blackwater confluence. Unfortunately Brown Trout seemed to be the order of the day for one matchmen, which sadly dont count, all 6 taken on worm. The weather had been overcast all day with the wind picking up in the late afternoon making the fishing difficult, with the rain eventually falling some ten minutes from the end of the match at 8.00pm. The results are below.


  1. N. Norris             5lb 9oz
  2. D. Clark               5lb 8oz
  3. M. McCarthy       2lb 8oz
  4. K. Randall           2lb 4oz
  5. R. Hatchett         1lb 8oz
  6. R. Norris             1lb 2oz
  7. S. McCarthy       1lb 0oz