Stillwater Cup 2008

Good Weather Holds For Stillwater Cup At Pondwood

The Stillwater Cup took place on Sunday 28th September at Pondwood Fisheries,Waltham-St-Lawrence, the venue that had seen the very successful charity match only two weeks earlier. The misty morning proved to be fairly short lived with bright warm sunshine throughout the day, especially for late September. In all, twelve anglers took part in the two matches over the day, which was this time held on the top section of "The Snake" at Pondwood. This section had seen some good sized fish and weights from the charity match so expectations were somewhat high for a repeat performance

As the day progressed it seemed that the bigger fish were still present, all be it very close or in the reed lines along the banks. This tested everyone, with a lot of good fish being lost into the reeds. On average, the morning match seemed to see the majority of the fish as the results below show, although some good individual fish were caught in the afternoon.

Overall, what with the very good weather, breakfast, lunch and the amount of fish caught, it made for and enjoyable days fishing.

AM Match

  1. D. Clark            33lb 7oz
  2. R. Hatchett       15lb 10oz
  3. M. McCarthy      8lb 9oz
  4. R. Norris           6lb 7oz
  5. N. Norris           5lb 2oz
  6. D. Yates            3lb 2oz
  7. S. McCarthy      2lb 11oz
  8. P. Jackson       1lb 14oz
  9. D. Pearce         1lb 5oz
  10. B. Keirle                  4oz
  11. K. Randall        DNWI
  12. J. Sitch              DNWI

PM Match

  1. D. Clark           17lb 5oz
  2. K. Randall        9lb 12oz
  3. S. McCarthy      5lb 3oz
  4. J. Sitch              4lb 13 oz
  5. R. Norris           3lb 12oz
  6. M. McCarthy      3lb 0oz
  7. D. Pearce          2lb 2oz
  8. R. Hatchett        1lb 10oz
  9. D. Yates                   5oz
  10. N. Norris            DNWI
  11. P. Jackson        DNWI
  12. B. Keirle             DNWI


  1. D. Clark                            50lb 12oz
  2. R. Hatchett                      17lb 4oz
  3. M . McCarthy                    11lb 9oz
  4. R. Norris                          10lb 3oz
  5. K. Randall                        9lb 12oz
  6. S. McCarthy                      7lb 14oz
  7. N. Norris                           5lb 2oz
  8. J. Sitch                              4lb 13oz
  9. D. Pearce & D. Yates     3lb 7oz
  10. P. Jackson                       1lb 14oz
  11. B. Keirle                                   4oz