Doubles Ban 2008

Small Fish In Abundance Once Again

The Doubles Ban match held on Sunday 19th October was a float only match held on the River Blackwater above Pitts Bridge. Nine anglers took part in the competition, a rover, drawn at 8am and fished from 9 til 2. The weather was cool from the previous night but not overly cold. A slight breeze picked up towrds the end of the match but not enough to make float fishing conditions bad and a patch of light drizzle that found its way in about mid morning didnt last. Again the match was all catches of small silver fish, Roach, Dace, Bleak, Chub, Perch and Gudgeon. The Results are below.

  1. M. McCarthy        10lb 1oz
  2. R. Norris                3lb 14.5oz
  3. R. Hatchett            2lb 9oz
  4. N. Norris                2lb 6oz
  5. D. Yates                 2lb 1oz
  6. P. Jackson            1lb 7oz
  7. D. Clark                        9oz
  8. D. Pearce                    1oz
  9. J. Sitch                   DNWI