21Club (Home) 2008

Flooded River Moves 21Club To Wokefield Park

The 21Club home match, normally fished on the clubs waters had to relocated to the lake at Wokefield Park on Sunday 2nd November as the previous day and nights rain had left the Blackwater and Loddon rivers very high and almost in flood. The match secretary had decided that conditions were to dangerous for the match to go ahead and requested that the match be moved. Just a single member of the 21Club decided to stay and fish along with the club, with the remainder deciding to return home. The rain held off for the match with only a slight breeze stiring every now and again. Overall some good fish were caught which made up a few good weights. The results are below.

  1. D. Pearce             36lb 0oz
  2. P. Jackson           13lb 12oz
  3. D. Clark                 12lb 15oz
  4. B. Keirle                  6lb 8oz
  5. N. Norris                 4lb 8oz
  6. K. Randall              3lb 2oz
  7. M. McCarthy           2lb 11oz
  8. R. Norris                        6oz
  9. D. Yates                         4oz
  10. J. Sitch                    DNWI
  11. R. Hatchett             DNWI

Specimen Fish : D. Clark - Common Carp 8lb 8oz,

                               D. Pearce Common Carp 8lb 6oz & Crucian Carp 2lb 10oz