Collings Pairs 2008

New Barlows Fishes Poorly For Pairs

Swallowfield Fishing Clubs  Collings Pairs match held on the 16th November proved to a real slog for the 11 anglers that took part. With the weather having been extremely mild over the last week, it was hoped that the New Barlows Match Lake  might pay dividends for those taking part. The lake had also been stocked over the previous two weekends with Roach, Rudd And Skimmer Bream which was also a promising sign. Sadly on the day, this was not to be. The winning weight of 5lb 3oz had two reassonable sized Perch in with the total weight, evryone elses catches basically made up of very small Roach. The individual weight totals and the pairs weights are below.

  1. B. Swindle                    5lb 3oz
  2. D. Clark                         3lb 3oz
  3. M. McCarthy                  1lb 14oz
  4. R. Norris                        1lb 4oz
  5. P. Jackson                    1lb 0oz
  6. K. Randall                            6oz
  7. D. Yates                                4oz
  8. N. Norris & J.Sitch              2oz
  9. B. Keirle                         DNWI
  10. R. Hatchett                    DNWI


  1. B. Swindle & M. McCarthy       7lb 1oz
  2. D. Clark & J. Sitch                     3lb 5oz
  3. R. Norris & P. Jackson            2lb 4oz