T. Scott Memorial 2008

Cold Wind And Rain Hamper Efforts At Wokefield Park

The annual  T.Scott Memorial match, held on the estate lake at Wokefield Park proved hard going on the morning of the 30th November. The lake had been producing some good weights to both pleasure anglers and matchmen over the autumn. From these past results it would seem that possibly only a few of the swims would produce any fish, but the outcome may hold a suprise or two. Eleven anglers turned out for the 8am draw, and with the lake pegged, each person made their way to the appropriate peg. The rain was light but steady all morning with the wind picking up in speed towards midday making things feel very cold. Bob Keirle managed to hook a carp whilst leaving his rod unattended whilst having a chat to a fellow club member. Thanks to Pete for just grabbing hold of the rod butt before it disappeared out of site. Unfortunately for Bob, the fish came off takinmg the hook with it, before any form of composure could set in on Bob's part. Better luck next time, or is that why carp anglers have bite alarms and free spool reels. The results are below.

  1. M. McCarthy     24lb 10oz
  2. B. Swindle          6lb 12oz
  3. N. Norris             1lb 7oz
  4. K. Randall           1lb 2oz
  5. D. Yates                     7oz
  6. R. Norris                    2oz
  7. P. Jackson                1oz
  8. B. Keirle                DNWI
  9. R. Hatchett           DNWI
  10. D. Pearce             DNWI
  11. J. Sitch                  DNWI