Christmas Match 2008

Frozen Over At Pondwood, A Regular Occurance On The SFC Christmas Match

The 2008 Christmas Match at Pondwood Fisheries, Waltham-St-Lawrence froze over once again for the Swallowfield Matchmen. This is the third year in a row that the ice breakers have been out before the start of the match. Although the ice was not as thick as last year it still took a little work to make a fishable swim for each individual. Maybe the river would have been a better bet this time of year, but you never know.

Perch 1lb 12ozHowever with the last few days being very cold and the heavy frost on the saturday night, the breaking of the surface ice probably didn't help matters either.  The morning certainly felt plesant as the sun rose and with little or no wind, the day felt warm and comfortable for the time of year.

Overall eveyone struggled this year as the reults below clearly show, but in the end, that fishing !!.

  1. P. Jackson          1lb 12oz (Perch)
  2. M. McCarthy         9oz (Small Roach)
  3. N. Norris              4oz (Small Perch)
  4. D. Pearce             DNWI
  5. D. Yates                DNWI
  6. R. Hatchett           DNWI
  7. K. Randall            DNWI
  8. R. Norris              DNWI
  9. B. Keirle               DNWI
  10. D. Clark                DNWI