Ruby Shield 2008

Three Good Chub And Nearly A Lost Pole On The Ruby Shield Match

The River Loddon played host to the Ruby Shield Match on Sunday 21st December 2008. With the river now back to its normal water level, the mild weather had continued its run over from Saturday with only the wind picking up slighty. Nine anglers turned out to fish the 5 hour match which started off with a hearty sausage and bacon roll. A very big thank you to Pete's wife Marion for making these for all of us, they were very appreciated. After all the gear had been dropped off at the bottom of the park driveway, the walk began to beat 8 on the Loddon. This always seems further than it actually is but its all part of fishing. The rover match saw all of the anglers spread along the entire length of beat 8, each individual choosing where they wanted to fish after thay had drawn there peg number. Three good chub were caught in the match taking first, second and third places respectively, the only possibility may have been what was thought to be a carp which managed to drag a pole into the water while its owner, who not having had any bites up to that point, had decided to go and have a chat with the next man along the bank. As the pictures below show, the pole was eventually rescued, initially with the fish still attached but unfortunately was lost as it was being played. We must point out that what you see below is potentially dangerous.

Pole rescuePole rescue

The results for the match are below with the respective weights. If you wish to view the overall match table then it can be viewed as a PDF here.

  1. R. Norris           5lb        (Golden Peg)
  2. B. Keirle            3lb 14oz
  3. D. Pearce         3lb 8oz
  4. D. Yates           DNWI
  5. J. Sitch              DNWI
  6. N. Norris           DNWI
  7. R. Hatchett       DNWI
  8. D. Clark            DNWI
  9. P. Jackson       DNWI