Arborleigh (Home) 2009

Heavy Rain Closes Rivers To Matchmen

The Arborleigh Home match on Sunday 18th January saw all of the anglers forced to abandon the rivers due to the the very heavy rainfall on the Saturday night. As on a few previous occasions, It was off to Wokefield Park to fish the estate lake. Unfortunately, none of the visiting side wanted to partake in fishing the alternative venue and promptly departed. Although the rain had stopped in the early hours, the wind had remained and anyone with a fairly open swim would notice its effects. The results are below.

  1. D. Clark             30lbs
  2. M. McCarthy      11lb 4oz
  3. D. Yates             6lb 14oz
  4. D. Pearce          5lb 14oz
  5. J. Sitch               4lb 8oz
  6. B. Keirle                   8oz
  7. R. Norris            DNWI
  8. N. Norris            DNWI