Points Match 2009

Adventure Angling's Willow Pool Produces Despite The Cold Weather

The "Points Match", held on Sunday 1st February was held on the Willow Pool, Bramley. A very big thank you to Adventure Angling and Roger Sargeant for allowing use to fish the lake. There had been some cold temperatures overnight although no signs of a frost were around upon arrival at willow pool. The wind chill however was making everything feel very cold and sudden gusts would make the fishing difficult throughout the day. The match started later at 10.00am after taking advice that the fish would tend to feed after about 1.00pm, hopefully giving everyone the oppertunity to make the most of this feeding period.

The lake had plenty of pegs around the waters edge and enough space to allow an even spread of anglers, 11 in all. The wind stayed pretty much all day with the odd very light shower of snow, broken up with spells of sun. The results are as below.

Willow Pool Common Carp

Willow Pool Crucian







  1. R. Hatchett           21lb 15oz   All Carp
  2. B. Kerile                  6lb 8oz     Common Carp & Crucian Carp
  3. M. McCarthy            3lb 1oz    Chub
  4. D. Pearce                3lb 0oz    Chub
  5. R. Norris                  DNWI
  6. D. Clark                    DNWI
  7. D. Yates                   DNWI
  8. J. Sitch                     DNWI
  9. P. Jackson              DNWI
  10. N. Norris                 DNWI
  11. K. Randall               DNWI


Largest Fish - Common Carp 7lb 4oz