Ledger Cup 2009

Trout and barbel Suprise Matchmen.

This match took place on the River Loddon this year with ten anglers taking part and also being the last match on club waters before the season closed. The weather remained overcast for most of the day with the sun eventually breaking through after midday. The light breeze however made things fell quite a bit colder and made fishing difficult at times as bite detection suffered at the hands of the wind. Only three anglers caught for the relevant places and prize money. Two trout where caught on maagots but unfortunately did not count under match rules. The results and pictures are below.

Loddon TroutLoddon ChubLoddon Barbel

  1. D. Clark            11lb 8oz ( Barbel & Chub)
  2. D. Pearce            4lb 8oz (Chub)
  3. P. Jackson          4lb 0oz (Chub)
  4. M. McCarthy        DNWI
  5. B. Keirle              DNWI
  6. J. Sitch                DNWI
  7. D. Yates              DNWI
  8. R. Hatchett         DNWI
  9. R. Norris             DNWI
  10. N. Norris             DNWI