Golden Peg 2009

Warm Sunshine And Rudd On The Surface For Golden Peg

Sunday 15th March saw the last match of the 2008-2009 season, The Golden Peg. Each year a new venue is hopefully found that no one has fished before to give everyone a good chance at the prize money. Every match throughtout the season, sees each angler contribute towards the prize money for this event making the totaled funds worth fishing for at the end of the match schedule. Any money left unclaimed in the indiviual match golden pegs is also added to the pot.

This years venue was Frobury Farm near Kingsclere. A complex of six or so lakes with various sizes of fish over a range of species. Match Lake 2 had been booked earlier in the year by the match secretary and kept under wraps until recently. The warm sunshine on the day was most welcome bringing shoals for Rudd upto the surface, to which some took advantage. Small Carp and Tench made up the main catch weights over the five hours, some from the margins and some from the midlle of the lake. Unfortunately for on matchmen, the possibility of a big carp was not to be, managing to break the top kit of his pole.

The results are as follows.

  1. D. Clark           19lb 4oz
  2. N. Norris            6lb 8oz
  3. B. Swindle         6lb 4oz
  4. R. Norris            6lb 0oz
  5. P. Jackson         5lb 4oz
  6. R. Hatchett        4lb 8oz
  7. B. Keirle             3lb 4oz
  8. M/ McCarthy       2lb 0oz
  9. D. Yates             1lb 11oz
  10. J. Sitch               1lb 8oz
  11. D. Pearce          DNWI