Hills Memorial Evening Match 1 2009

Small Silver Fish Show On First Match Of The Season

The first match of the season, the Hills Memorial Evening Match 1 took place on the 17th June 2009. The weather had been reasonable all day but had decided to take a turn for the worst just as all of the anglers gathered for the draw at around 6.30pm. The wind became heavier as the evening went on making fishing with a quiver tip difficult, some even switching to trotting a  float, probably the better tatic in the end judging by then end results. The second of the evening matches will be on Wednesday the 24th June.


  1. B. Keirle                               1lb 6oz
  2. D. Chennell & J. Curtis     0lb 10oz
  3. P. Jackson                           0lb 2oz
  4. R. Cousins                          DNWI
  5. R. Hatchett                           DNWI
  6. D. Pearce                             DNWI
  7. S. Fairbrother                      DNWI