Annual Match 2009

Early Start For The Fist Sunday Match Of The Season

The first Sunday match of the season, "The Annual", with its 6am draw may not be for some. But despite having to be up at the crack of dawn 11 anglers turned out to take their place along the river. The bright start looked promising but the gentle cold breeze would be a deciding factor on tactics depending on the target species. The rover match saw the matchmen take up their places along the River Blackwater for the 7am start. After the 5 hour match, the winning weight had come from Pitts Bridge with the second place being taken on the weir pool. All small silver fish were the order of the day apart from the single 3lb 13oz chub that made up the majority of the winners catch. The results are below.

  1. M. McCarthy                              4lb 10oz
  2. P. Jackson                                1lb  6oz
  3. N. Norris                                           13oz
  4. D. Yates                                            10oz
  5. J. Sitch                                                9oz
  6. R. Norris & B. Keirle                         8oz
  7. D. Pearce                                           6oz
  8. K. Randall                                          1oz
  9. S. Fairbrother                           DNWI
  10. D. Clark                                     DNWI