Hills Memorial Evening Match 2 2009

Big Chub Show On Second Evening Match

The second of the Hills Memorial Eving Matches took place on the River Blackwater on the 24th June. Eight Anglers  once again turned out to fish on a dry but breezy evening. The draw saw each individual deciding where to fish giving a good spread of fisherman from the weir pool at the top of the stretch to the last angler some three quarters of the way down the river. Strangely enough the big Chub actually ended up coming from these two swims. The Results are below.


  1. D. Clark                                         9lb 0oz
  2. R. Hatchett                                    4lb 8oz
  3. M. McCarthy & P. Jackson          1lb 8oz
  4. J. Curtis                                              15oz
  5. D. Chennell                                         7oz
  6. B. Keirle                                               4oz
  7. s. Fairbrother                                 DNWI