Collings Pairs 2009

War Weather Brings Fish On For Collings Pairs

The Collings Pairs Match took place on Sunday 5th July at the New Barlows Lake, Tadley. Fifteen anglers took part on what started out as a warm but overcast morning. Once the pegs had been drawn and the pairings worked out, each individual took their postion on the bank to set up and await the whistle. The cloudy skys finally gave way around mid day allowing the sun to come through although this brought with it, a breeze that prooved gusty at times. Overall the lake fish reasonably well but with quiet periods. Every angler caught fish and the results are below.

  1. S. Fairbrother             29lb 10oz
  2. S. Allen                        28lb 10oz
  3. D. Clark                       20lb 14oz  (11lb 10oz Common Carp)
  4. R. Hatchett                  16lb 10oz
  5. A. Thomas                   15lb 12oz
  6. D. Yates                       14lb 15oz
  7. N. Norris                       12lb 2oz
  8. B. Keirle                        9lb 4oz
  9. J. Sitch                          8lb 14oz
  10. D. Pearce                     4lb 8oz
  11. N. Lester                      4lb 6oz
  12. R. Norris                      3lb 7oz
  13. K. Randall                    2lb 12oz
  14. J. Curtis                        2lb 0oz
  15. M. McCarthy                 1lb 15oz