Bamboo Match

Only 5 For The Bamboo Match

The yearly match where all that you are allowed to fish with (technically) is a bamboo cane and line took place on the 19trh July 2009. Unfortunately only 5 anglers took part in this but with a six o'clock draw the decision between getting up and a lie in on a Sunday is a pretty close fought contest. At least the rain held off for those who fished and the small silver fish would be the target speices, although it would be fun to try and land a decent size chub on a bamboo cane. The results are below

  1. D. Pearce             1lb 8oz
  2. J. Sitch                    11oz
  3. S. Fairbrother           9oz
  4. B. Keirle                   4oz
  5. D. Yates               DNWI