Chairman's Cup 2009

Basingstoke Canal

The Chequers to Swing Bridge section of the Basingstoke Canal played host to the Chairman's Cup on Sunday 2nd August 2009. The weather forecast from previous days had been reasonable for the match on Sunday and as it turned out, the sun stayed for the day. A gentle breeze appeared on the odd occasion along with a little cloud cover but nothing of any substance to spoil the general warmth of the day. The section had been pegged the day before and notices displayed for tow [path users warning of the match in progress. In all, 12 anglers took part in the match with a good distance between each swim providing plenty of area to fish. General opinion suggested that the small Roach would be the main target with maybe a bonus Tench, but only time would tell if this were to be true. The 5 hour match proved to be dificult in the end with long spells of inactivity which reflected in the eventual results although low weights were expected from the start. The results are below.


  1. M. McCarthy                            6lb 12oz  (3lb Tench)
  2. N. Lester                                    6lb 6oz
  3. B. Keirle                                     2lb 0oz
  4. D. Pearce                                   1lb 14oz
  5. R. Hatchett & N. Norris          1lb 7oz
  6. S. Fairbrother & D. Clark              15oz
  7. D. Yates                                          14oz
  8. D. Chennell                                      9oz
  9. R. Norris                                           8oz
  10. J. Sitch                                              6oz