Twilight Cup 2009

Willow Pool Gives Fish To All


This years afternoon match, The Twilight Cup, took place on Adventure Angling Societies water, Willow Pool at Bramley. The 2.00pm draw saw 12 anglers turn out on what turned out to be a beautiful warm day with just a gentle breeze to keep the temperature pleasant. The lake provides plenty of pegs, so the matchmen were widely spread around the lake giving plenty of room to fish and the floating islands gave feratures to cast to for those opting for feeder tactics. From the start at 3.00pm the Rudd were fairly prolific in the surface layers with small Perch taking the bait that managed to miss the Rudd. Bream and Carp also fell as the afternoon went on, most of the fisherman only needing maggots to catch fish and at only 4 to 5 meters out maximum. Overall the lake fished very well and everyone caught with a few lost fish along the way, the Carp seeming exceptionally fit and up for a fight. The results are below.

  1. M. McCarthy                 36lb 5oz
  2. R. Hatchett                     28lb 10oz
  3. D. Clark                         17lb 8oz
  4. J. Sitch                           12lb 3oz
  5. A. Padbury                     7lb 12oz
  6. D. Yates & N. Norris      6lb 4oz
  7. R.Norris                          6lb 2oz
  8. B. Keirle                         3lb 8oz
  9. N. Lester                        2lb 7oz
  10. D. Pearce                       2lb 3oz
  11. K. Randall                      1lb 8oz