Stillwater Cup 2009

Snake Lake Carp Test Swallowfield Matchmen.

Swallowfield's Stillwater Cup took place on Sunday 20th September at Pondwood Fisheries, Waltham St Lawrence. The two four hour matches, on AM and the other PM were help on Pondwood's Snake Lake which has been showing signs of severe water shortage over the last few weeks due to the lake of rain. The average depth along its length now being in the region of 12 to 18 inches, leaving any hooked fish to take to the reeds or tear off either left or right. The morning started cloudy although warm with little breeze, gradually brightening up with the appearance of the sun in the afternoon. In general, over the day, it appeared that more fish were lost than caught with the majority of anglers encountering some form of broken tackle over the day. The afternoon session saw the fish come more on the feed which reflected in the catch weights which included some good double figure carp. The results are below.

AM Match.

  1. D. Pearce                15lb 5oz
  2. B. Keirle                  14lb 1oz
  3. M. McCarthy            9lb 10oz
  4. N. Lester                  5lb 0oz
  5. R. Hatchett               5lb 0oz
  6. R. Norris                  4lb 0oz
  7. S. Fairbrother           3lb 8oz
  8. J. Sitch                     1lb 0oz
  9. D. Yates                   1lb 0oz
  10. N. Norris                  DNWI
  11. K. Randall                DNWI

PM Match.

  1. N. Norris                  32lb 1oz
  2. M. McCarthy            25lb 4oz
  3. S. Fairbrother            21lb 1oz
  4. K. Randall                14lb 9oz
  5. D. Pearce                 8lb 10oz
  6. J. Sitch                     7lb 9oz
  7. D. Yates                   7lb 8oz
  8. N. Lester                  4lb 8oz
  9. R. Hatchett                0lb 7oz
  10. R. Norris                   0lb 7oz
  11. B. Keirle                    DNWI