Ledger Cup 2009

Loddon Fishes Poorly For The Ledger.

The lack of rain over the last few months is certainly taking its toll on the rivers. The very low water levels have been with us for a while now which showed in the Ledger Cup match on the 4th October 2009. Ten anglers took part  in the match held on the River Loddon, which seemed to have more water than the River Blackwater, and with the weather in a reasonable state, pegs were drawn and swims chosen. Over the five hours, the wind began to pick up making the fishing even more difficult than it already was. The end results are below and not encouraging at all.

  1. R. Norris                          0lb 13oz
  2. R. Hatchett & J. Sitch       0lb 2oz
  3. S. Fairbrother                   0lb 1oz
  4. D. Clark                           DNWI
  5. B. Keirle                          DNWI
  6. D. Pearce                         DNWI
  7. D. Yates                          DNWI
  8. M. McCarthy                   DNWI
  9. N. Norris                         DNWI