21Club (away) 2009

Low rivers cancel 21Club Away Match

The intended match scheduled with Reading's 21Club on the Holy Brook was cancelled on Sunday 11th October 2009 due to poor water levels. The lack of rain over the last number of weeks has generally effected pretty much everywhere with regard to river levels. Because of this cancellation, Swallowfield then fishing Wokefield Park as an alternative which eventually provided a mixed spread of fish for the 12 anglers that attended. Autumn had definately arrived as the anglers fished, with leaves being blown onto the lake from the surrounding trees although the very mild day proved comfortable until the light rain set in towards the end of the five hour match. The results are below.

  1. P. Jackson              23lb 3oz
  2. R. Hatchett             16lb 10oz
  3. B. Swindle                7lb 10oz
  4. S. Fairbrother            5lb 9oz
  5. D. Clark                    5lb 8oz
  6. J. Sitch                      4lb 9oz
  7. R. Norris                   4lb 4oz
  8. B. Keirle                   4lb 0oz
  9. D. Pearce                 2lb 13oz
  10. D. Yates                   2lb 10oz
  11. N. Norris                  1lb 10oz
  12. N. Lester                  1lb 7oz