T. Scott Memorial 2009

Wind & Rain Drive In At Wokefield Park

The estate lake of Wokefield Park again played host to the annual T.Scott Memorial Match on a very wet and windy day. In the past the lake has been normally been covered by now with autumn leaves leaving the matchmen with only a minor amount of surface litter to contend with. Not so on this day though. The heavy wind brought down the leaves fairly quickly, leaving the lake looking like a bowl of soggy cornflakes in places but fishable with persistance. Twelve anglers attended the pegged match with swims on both banks being used. The driving rain stayed for most of the 5 hours but stopped towards the end to allow everyone to at least pack away dry. The results below show a reasonable spread of catch weights for this time of year with no one not catching.

  1. D. Clark                           27lb 4oz
  2. R. Hatchett                       13lb 0oz
  3. S. Fairbrother                   7lb 10oz
  4. N. Norris & R. Norris       5lb 10oz
  5. K. Randall                         5lb 5oz
  6. J. Sitch                              3lb 13oz
  7. D. Pearce                          3lb 12oz
  8. D. Yates                            3lb 10oz
  9. M. McCarthy                     3lb 3oz
  10. N. Lester                           2lb 2oz
  11. B. Keirle                            1lb 8oz