Points Match November 2009

Heavy Rain Floods Rivers And Move Points Match

With the heavy rain during the week leading up to the Points Match on Sunday 15th, Wokefield Park once again saw the Swallowfield Matchmen fishing this venue. The rivers were in flood and impossible to fish safely and so a venue move was arranged. The T.Scott Memorial match held there a fortnight earliers had seen all od the anglers catch with some reasonable weights as well. Would the estate lake produce again after all of the rain?. Ten anglers took part on a bright clear morning at 8am although there had been heavy rain a couple of hours earlier. The bright clear weather lasted all day which made a nice change from the preceeding days. It would appear that from the feedback after the match, the fish did not really start to show an interest in any bait until late morning, and then it was for only a short period of time. The results are below. 

  1. M. McCarthy      16lb 10oz
  2. R. Norris             12lb 0oz
  3. D. Yates              11lb 10oz
  4. D. Clark                9lb 10oz
  5. S. Fairbrother         8lb 10oz
  6. J. Sitch                   8lb 0oz
  7. B. Keirle                5lb 8oz
  8. D. Pearce              4lb 10oz
  9. N. Norris               4lb  2oz
  10. R. Hatchett            3lb 0oz