Arborleigh (Home) 2009

Heavy Rain And Terrible Fishing

The Arborleigh Home match normally held on club waters at Swallowfield saw the venue changed to New Barlow's Lake in Tadley due to heavy rain leaving the rivers with broken banks on the Sunday afternoon. In total seventeen anglers took part, 10 from Swallowfield and seven from Arborleigh. Over the five hours, the rain stopped for brief periods with some patches of blue sky but these were short lived. The lake water level was quite high with a depths of maybe 9 feet in places although this made no difference to where the fish might have been shoaled up. Overall the fishing was terrible with not many fish caught at all and even bites were hard to come by. The results below are for the Swallowfield Anglers.

  1. M. MaCarthy           3lb 0oz
  2. P. Jackson                0lb 7oz
  3. D. Yates                   0lb 2oz
  4. J. Sitch                      0lb 1oz
  5. D. Pearce                 DNWI
  6. R. Hatchett               DNWI
  7. S. Fairbrother           DNWI
  8. B. Keirle                  DNWI
  9. N. Norris                 DNWI
  10. R. Norris                  DNWI