Ruby Shield 2009

Flooded River Again  Sends Matchmen Back To Wokefield Park

The Swallowfield matchmen were once again forced off the river due to the flooding caused by the heavy rain over the previous few days. Again Wokefield Park allowed the match to take place and the rain had certainly helped the water levels at this venue. The rain did come down rather heavily for the 8am draw but soon passed to reveal clear skies for the duration of the match. It would seem that the fish didn't begin to feed until later in the day but some good weights were attained none the less. The Results are below.

  1. M. McCarthy        14lb 8oz
  2. K. Randall             13lb 9oz
  3. D. Clark                12lb 2oz
  4. B. Keirle                 9lb 4oz
  5. D. Yates                 8lb 6oz (Single Fish)
  6. R. Norris                 3lb 2oz
  7. N. Norris                0lb 14oz
  8. S. Fairbrother          DNWI
  9. J. Sitch                    DNWI