Christmas Match 2009

Frozen Lakes Put The Christmas Match On The River.

This years Christmas match, which is usually fished at Pondwood Fisheries, Waltham StLawrence, had to be moved back onto club waters at Swallowfield on the 20th December. Over the past two years, the club has had to break the ice on the Snake Lake at Pondwood to be able to fish. This year unfortunately, the ice was rather to thick to break up quickly enough and still leave enough time to fish. Even the heavy grapple hooks and weed rakes bounced on the ice in places. On that basis, the nine anglers decided to headback to the club rivers to fish. Everyone stood as much chance of catching on the rivers as at Pondwood, especially after all of the noise trying to break the ice. The results are below.

  1. R. Hatchett         4lb 12oz (Single Chub)
  2. S. Fairbrother     4lb 2oz   (Single Chub)
  3. M. McCarthy      DNWI
  4. B. Keirle             DNWI
  5. D. Pearce           DNWI
  6. N. Norris           DNWI
  7. R. Norris            DNWI
  8. D. Yates            DNWI
  9. J. Sitch               DNWI