Founders Day 2010

Pondwood Still Frozen But Fishable

The Founders Day Cup match, normally fished on club waters, took place at Pondwood Fisheries on Sunday 3rd January 2010. The change had been due to the previous months Christmas Match being moved onto the rivers at Swallowfield because of the ice being to thick to break at Pondwood. This time however, although frozen the ice was breakable giving everyone a fairly clear swim. The going would be tough with the weather being so cold, although the bright sunny day made things quite pleasant. No carp were landed but one angler managed to hook a decent fish after tackling up with light gear for Roach, which was subsequently lost. The majority of catches were made up of Roach with a good Perch of just under 2lb from one angler. The results are below.

  1. B. Swindle          3lb 8oz
  2. K. Randall          2lb 0oz
  3. R. Norris            1lb 14oz
  4. D. Yates             1lb 4oz
  5. M. McCarthy      1lb 0oz
  6. S. Fairbrother      0lb 3oz
  7. R. Hatchett          0lb 2oz
  8. N. Norris            0lb 1oz
  9. D. Pearce           DNWI
  10. B. Keirle             DNWI
  11. P. Jackson          DNWI