Chairman's Cup

Lake goes quiet for the Chairmans Cup.

Sunday 21st October saw the Chairmans Cup match take place at the Rivar Sand & Gravel lake in Greenham Common. 12 anglers attended, ready to bag up on fish. It was dedcided to use the lakes permenant pegs leaving a few out. With numbers drawn and the golden peg allocated everyone departed to the pegs to set up and await the horn.

Ten o'clock can and the horn sounded for the "all in". For most, the next five hours could have been better spent elsewhere as the lake was almost completely dead. Possibly the early mornings frost had played a key part as of the 12 anglers competeing, only 3 caught any fish with the winning weight of 12oz. Second palce saw 6 oz and third place was a debateable 4oz. The remaining 9 did not weigh in. Results below.

Oh well, i guess that's fishing, or, what a bunch of blankers!!

  1.  D. Clark - 12oz
  2. M. McCarthy - 6oz
  3. D. Yates - 4oz
  4. R. Hatchett - 0oz
  5. B. Keirle - 0oz
  6. D. Pearce - 0oz
  7. J.Pines - 0oz
  8. K.Randall - 0oz
  9. N. Norris - 0oz
  10. R. Norris - 0oz
  11. J. Sitch - 0oz
  12. S. McCarthy - 0oz