21 Club (Home) 2010

Heavy Frosts keep Fish Quiet.

The overnight frosts on the 29th & 30th of January would make the going tough for the 21Club home match on Sunday 31st. Seven anglers from Swallowfield & 6 from 21 Club met in the parish hall car park on a very cold morning. The river had been pegged the previous afternoon so it would only be the draw and peg fees that needed to be undertaken. The next five hours would surely be a test for everyone. The results below reflect how hard the going obviously was.

  1. B. Keirle               4lb 0oz (Single Chub)
  2. M. McCarthy        DNWI
  3. N. Norris              DNWI
  4. R. Norris              DNWI
  5. K. Randall            DNWI
  6. S. Fairbrother       DNWI
  7. D. Yates               DNWI

Well done to P. Tims & G. Lordon from 21Club for catching chub of 3lb 12oz & 3lb 3oz respectively.