Doubles Ban 2010

The Doubles Ban, a float only match, normally held on the river was relocated at the last minute to Wokefield Park. The match secretary had decided that the chances of catching with float tactics on the river given the cold weather, and as it turns out, snow and a biting cold wind on the day, would not be a great prospect. Wokefield Park wil produce fish in cold weather and at least everyone would stand a chance. The lake initially had a very fine layer of ice on its surface, and although easily broken would prove annoying to those who were using a pole. Once the bait, line and float had become wet, these would then stick to the patchy ice. The wind chill made things feel very cold and the early snow turned to rain, starting and stopping throughout the five hours. The results are below.

  1. D. Clark             12lb 7oz
  2. N. Norris              6lb 1oz
  3. R. Hatchett           4lb 10oz
  4. M. McCarthy       2lb 12oz
  5. D. Yates              1lb 10oz
  6. B. Keirle               DNWI
  7. D. Pearce             DNWI
  8. K. Randall            DNWI
  9. J. Sitch                 DNWI
  10. R. Norris              DNWI
  11. S. Fairbrother       DNWI