Loddon Cup 2010

Bright But Cold Day Kills River.

The Loddon Cup 2010 match had been scheduled to be fished earlier on this year but had been cancelled due to flooding. There had been a hard frost overnight but although the bright sunshine stayed all day the temperature still remained cool. Eight anglers took part in the match which was pegged as a rover, each drawn number deciding the order of chosen peg. The five hour match proved to be rather soul destroying as none of the anglers managed to catch apart from Dave Clark who managed a Trout, which of course doesn't count. Maybe this match had been fated from the start.

  1. M. McCarthy     DNWI
  2. B. Keirle            DNWI
  3. S. Fairbrother    DNWI
  4. D. Clark            DNWI
  5. N. Norris          DNWI
  6. R. Norris           DNWI
  7. D. Yates            DNWI
  8. J. Sitch              DNWI