T Scott Memorial Cup

Wokefield Park fishes well for matchmen.

Sunday 4th November saw the annual T.Scott Memorial Cup take place at Wokefield Park in Mortimer. The morning started very misty for the eleven anglers, some of whom had been relieved that there had been no frost during the night. The estate lake at Wokefield Park is very shallow and can be effected very quickly by cold weather. The sun soon showed through to burn off the mist and make the day very pleasant. With the peg numbers allocated and placed, the draw and golden peg finalised, all eleven anglers to their palces to set up. Pegs 1 to 3 have normally perfomed well in the past as these have good marginal cover or part sunken features to fish to as does peg 6 or 7 which can be reached with a swim feeder. Roach appeared to be the dominated fish from the start with almost every catching with the carp showing a little later. The results are listed below.

  1. R. Hatchett - 24lb 12oz - Peg 11
  2. D. Yates - 15lb 2oz - Peg 7
  3. S. McCarthy - 11lb 1oz - peg 6
  4. K. Randall - 9lb 4oz - peg 10
  5. M. McCarthy - 9lb 2oz - Peg 2
  6. J. Pines - 4lb 4oz Peg 9
  7. N. Norris 2lb 12oz - Peg 3
  8. R. Norris 1lb 2oz - Peg 1
  9. J. Sitch - 1lb 0oz Peg 4
  10. B. Keirle - 0lb 12oz Peg 5 
  11. D. Pearce 0lb 4oz - Peg 8

Largest Fish - D. Yates 5lb Common Carp, R. Hatchett 4lb 12oz Common Carp.