Old Bury Hill 2010

Day At Old Bury Hill Fisheries Gives Great Sport.

At the start of the 2009 match season the idea of adding £1 to each matches peg fee was suggested to enable those taking part to accumulate some funds for the end of the year to be put to use as was saw fit. Towards the middle of the season, it was suggested that a day at a fishery normally out of range of the usual match venues might be booked. Match Secretary, Bob Keirle then booked 12 pegs on Milton Lake at Old Bury Hill after various suggestions had been banded around and set the date for the 30th April 2010. This appeared to be the most convenient date for everyone and included would be a full english breakfast that would also be covered by the funds.

The weather leading up to the 30th April had seen some very warm and dry days. If this was to continue then the day would be very pleasant indeed. Sadly the forecast predicted cloud and showers for the Friday and weekend which sounded typical on the run up to a much awaited day out. However, some heavy rain did fall the night before and thankfully the rain stayed away on the day. The patchy cloud was around over the day with brief spells of warm sunshine which was most welcome.

The breakfast served at the cafe was most welcome after the early morning start to beat the rush hour traffic around the Guilford area. Many thanks to the Old Bury Hill staff for the quick service of the food and the advice on the swims and fishing on Milton Lake.

The grounds around the lakes were very well kept and mature and the platforms around the lakes, more than adequate for the job in hand. As the pegs had been booked for the day, it was decided to fish a morning and afternoon match with a short break in between. Each angler would keep the same peg for the day. The 9.30 kickoff had some a few of the swims producing fish straight away with everyone using float tactics in the end, some two or three rod lengths out or close into the margins. The day would eventually produce a range of coarse fish including large crucians, tench, skimmers and roach. The morning match didn't produce any heavy weights, but all produced. The afternoon match showed better weights from the swims that had been quiet in the morning. The results are below.

Morning Match:

  1. M. McCarthy        14lb 12oz
  2. R. Hatchett            12lb 14oz
  3. S. Fairbrother       11lb 9oz
  4. D. Yates                 8lb 8oz
  5. J. Sitch                   8lb 0oz
  6. N. Norris                7lb 0oz
  7. D. Pearce               6lb 0oz
  8. K. Randall             5lb 14oz
  9. R. Norris                4lb 0oz
  10. B. Keirle                1lb 0oz

Afternoon Match:

  1. S. Fairbrother         28lb 4oz
  2. K. Randall              20lb 6oz
  3. D. Pearce               18lb 4oz
  4. J.  Sitch                  17lb 4oz
  5. M. McCarthy         10lb 0oz
  6. D. Yates                 7lb 2oz
  7. R. Hatchet              5lb 10oz
  8. R. Norris                5lb 4oz
  9. N. Norris                4lb 2oz
  10. B. Keirle                 2lb 4oz
Overall everyone had a great day. The weather had held which made everything all the more enjoyable. The idea of putting in an extra £1 over the season was suggested again for 2010 and that anyone wanting to pay on the day would be refused. All were in full agreement. Hopefully this might encourage others to come along and participate in the scheduled matches over the new season and work towards another enjoyable day.