Annual Match 2010

7 Fish Haul From The Blackwater Takes Match

This years Annual match, held on the 20th June, was a rover to be fished on the Blackwater. Six anglers took part in the 6.00am draw on Fathers Day, a little early for some, but none the less, was to turn out a worthwhile match for one angler at least. The weather had stayed warm and sunny as it had been form some months now, although the growth within the rivers was fairly prolific. The 5 hour match saw the eventual winner take 7 chub from one swim with a single fish lost. The biggest being 4lb 8oz. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!. The results are below.

  1. M. McCarthy         26lb 10 oz
  2. N. Norris                   1lb 0oz
  3. R. Norris                    0lb 10oz
  4. B. Keirle                     0lb 5oz
  5. D. Yates                     0lb 3oz
  6. J.  Sitch                      0lb 1oz