21 Club 2010 (Home)

Second Match Of The Seasobn Holds Lucky Again For One.

Loddon BarbelThe 21 Club Home match of 2010 totalled 16 anglers from Swallowfield & Twyfords 21 Club. Beat 8 on the River Loddon was chosen and pegged the previous day. The morning started warm although the breeze made things feel a little cooler although deceptive at the 08.00am draw. If the last few matches on the rivers was anything to go by then things would indeed be tough. As it turns out this was to be the case except for one angler who managed a decent weight. Total weight for Swallowfield was 13lb 11oz 8drm and 2lb 8oz for 21 Club. The individual results are below.

  1. M. McCarthy       12lb 10oz - 7lb 6oz Barbel + Bream
  2. S. Brough               1lb 0oz
  3. C. Beddon              0lb 15oz 8drm
  4. N. Norris                0lb 11oz
  5. R. Norris                 0lb 5oz 8drm
  6. N. Boyes                 0lb 4oz 8drm
  7. T. Waite                  0lb 4oz
  8. D. Clark                  0lb 1oz
  9. S. Hawkins             DNWI
  10. B. Curtis                 DNWI
  11. M. Hickmott           DNWI
  12. M. Webb               DNWI
  13. P.Timms                 DNWI
  14. D. Pearce               DNWI