Twilight Cup 2010

Hot Sun And Cruising Carp.

The Twilight Cup match was held again this year at Willow Pool in Bramley, courtesy of Adventure Angling Society. The afternoon draw took place at 2.00pm with 14 anglers taking part. The lake had fished well on previous occasions and hopes were high that some decent weight would be caught this time. The day had started some what breezy and overcast but come the end of the match, a few burnt arms and faces would be showing. The afternoon proved fruitful forĀ  one angler, catching regularly until disaster struck when the top kit came loose whilst playing a fish, never to be seen again. Some of the bigger fish came in close towards the end of the match and fell to bread flake. The overall results were fairly mixed with one pegged bank pretty much producing nothing. The results are below.

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