Charity Match 2010

Only A Few Fish Show For Charity.

This years Swallowfrield Charity Match was held, as usual, at Pondwood Fisheries, Twyford on the 19th Spetember 2010. 19 anglers took part made up of 11 Swallowfield members and 8 guests. A hearty breakfats was provide to all by the on site cafe, and once again, a big thanks you to the staff for the catering. The 9.00am draw had given everyone time to finish breakfast with the whistle to start thew match sound at 10.00am. Over the five hours, the fishing was hard going compared to the Stillwater Cup match two weeks earlier at the same venue. The list of results is below for all 19 anglers followed by the results for Swallowfield only.

The total money raised to date currently stands at £290.00. A vey big thank you tyo all who took part and donated to Prostate Cancer Reasearch.

  1. Andy                    14lb 0oz
  2. Kev                        9lb 2oz
  3. D. Clark                 7lb 4oz
  4. T. Scott                  6lb 9oz
  5. B. Swindle             6lb 8oz
  6. N. Norris               5lb 8oz
  7. J. Sitch                   4lb 9oz
  8. S. Fairbrother         4lb 2oz
  9. N. Lester               4lb 0oz
  10. R. Norris               3lb 8oz
  11. D. Yates               2lb 0oz
  12. K. Randall            0lb 2oz
  13. B. Keirle                DNWI
  14. D. Pearce               DNWI
  15. S. Shiltom              DNWI
  16. L. Webster          DNWI
  17. Wilf                      DNWI
  18. Vinnie                  DNWI
  19. D. Jones              DNWI

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