Leger Cup 2011

Fish Slow To Bite On Leger Match.

Swallowfields Leger cup match on nthen27th February 2011 to place on the Decoy Pond in Swallowfield Park. This venue had normally been fished with a float as the chosen method with good results, but as the title of the Cup suggest, the method would be leger only. The previous day had brought some heavy rain and with the temperature dropping low overnight, prospects didn't initially look promising. The rain eventually returned in the late morning although the Rudd were still topping in various parts of the lake. Bread and maggots seemed to take preference in the choice of bait, with Rudd falling to both. Those fishing were hoping to possibly see some of the  bream caught from the recent stocking and maybe even the odd perch. The five hours would see if  this was to be the case.


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