Collings Pairs

Swallowfield struggle at Old Barlows Lake.

The Collings Pairs match held at the Old Barlows Lake belonging to Stacey's Fishing Club proved to be a real challenge for the ten Swallowfield anglers that took part. The conditions were bad from the word go, with a cold wind and rain for all of the session, although the wind eased towards the end. Hardly any fish were feeding for the anglers and only the odd roach could be tempted by maggots.  Eventually a few carp, tench and roach were caught to avert a complete disaster, one angler even managed a nap for some twenty minutes in his car and still come out with a place.

The results are as follows for both the indiviual weights and the combined pairs weights.

  1. R. Hatchett 6lb 8oz (common carp)
  2. B. Keirle 4lb 0oz (common carp)
  3. M. McCarthy 3lb 12oz (tench)
  4. N. Norris 0lb 12oz (roach)
  5. J. Pines 0lb 2oz
  6. D. Pearce DNWI
  7. J. Sitch DNWI
  8. D. Yates DNWI
  9. K. Randall DNWI
  10. D.Clark DNWI


  1. R. Hatchett & J. Pines 6lb 10oz
  2. B. Keirle & N. Norris 4lb 12oz
  3. M. McCarthy & J Sitch 3lb 12oz
  4. D. Pearce & K. Randall DNWI
  5. D. Clark & D. Yates DNWI