Ruby Sheild

Match moves away from high river.

The Ruby Shield match on Sunday 2nd December, a rover, which is usually held on the club waters was moved to the estate lake at Wokefield Park. The rain over the last few days, not only in Swallowfield but further upstream on the Loddon and Blackwater have caused the rivers to rise and increase in pace to a point where it was felt to be unsafe to hold the match. So Wokefield Park, which normally hosts the T.Scott Memorial Cup, was chosen for its close location and availability. Despite the the high winds and occasional driving rain all 7 anglers were pegged on the tree lined side of the lake wuith the wind off their backs. All of the anglers managed to catch along with a few lost fish over the course of the match. The results are as follows:

  1. D. Clark  - 14lb 0oz
  2. D. Pearce - 13lb 12oz
  3. J. Sitch - 3lb 10oz (Golden Peg)
  4. D. Yates - 3lb 0oz
  5. N. Norris - 0lb 14oz
  6. B. Keirle - 0lb 8oz
  7. R. Norris - 0lb 1oz