Christmas Match

Pondwood Freezes Over For Matchmen

The annual SFC Christmas Match took place on the 16th December at Pondwood Fisheries, Waltham-St-Lawrence. Although a frost had been forecast for the morning, and was expected, what greeted everyone upon arrival was not expected. The Snake River, where the match is held was completely frozen over along its entire length and as it happens, so were the other two fishing lakes on the complex. So after a welcome breakfast provided by the cafe staff (many thanks), the pegs were drawn and everyone headed for their particular swim.

All eight swims needed the ice breaking to make them fishable, some of the ice being a quarter inch thick in places. After what seemed like an age, the swims were fairly free of ice and so the match started. After five hours, the nights weather and the ice had definately taken its toll on the fish as can be seen from the results below.

Unfortunately for the winner, his weight of fish could have been greater if he'd noticed the hole in his keep net at the begining. Well done to Martyn for winning the silly hat prize which made up for him not catching anything and to all of those who took part. Once again the Golden Peg was not won, so rolls over to the next match.

  1. D. Clark - 2lb 10oz
  2. N. Norris - 0lb 8oz (Golden Peg)
  3. D. Pearce - 0lb 6oz
  4. B. Keirle - DNWI
  5. K. Randall - DNWI
  6. R. Norris - DNWI
  7. R. Hatchett - DNWI
  8. M. McCarthy - DNWI