Founders Day

Frosty Start For The First Match Of 2008

January 6th saw the fisrt match of 2008, The Founders Day Cup, a rover match on the Bloackwater River. The river still had a little colour, height and pace left from the rain over the last couple of days which from first impressions, looked as though the fishing would be promising. The elevn anglers drew their numbers to determine the departure order and then headed off to their desired spots along the length of the Blackwater. The ground was covered with frost from the night before but the temperature seemed mild with the sun showing through fairly early and giving a warm feel to the air, although towards mid day the clouds had started to move in along with a little wind. The golden peg prize was not claimed again and so rolls over to the next match. The results are as follows.

  1. J. Sitch - 7lb 8oz (single Barbel) - peg 3
  2. D. Clark - 6lb 8oz - peg 1
  3. R. Hatchett - 4lb 2oz (single Chub) - peg 11
  4. M. McCarthy - 3lb 14oz - peg 10
  5. N. Norris - 3lb 12oz (single Chub) - peg 4
  6. R. Norris - 2lb 4oz - peg 7
  7. D. Pearce - DNWI - peg 8
  8. D. Yates - DNWII (golden peg) - peg 9
  9. K. Randall - DNWI - peg 2
  10. S. McCarthy - DNWI - peg 6
  11. B. Keirle - DNWI - peg 5