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Old Barlows goes quiet again !

Due to the recent flooding of the club waters into the surrounding fields, the match was moved to the Old Barlows lake belonging to Stacey's Fishing Club in Tadley. A total of 20 anglers from Aborleigh and Swallowfield clubs turned out for the match. The weather was very overcast with no rain at first. The wind was gusty on occasions although it seemed mild for th time of year. With the lake pegged and numbers drawn, it was time to take positions for the off. Overall, the lake fished badly for everyone with the biggest weight being only 3lb 13oz made up of a carp and a roach. Only one highlight came about from this match, so thanks to Bob who managed to fall off his seat box, backwards, after attempting to sit back down with the lid up.

The results below are for Swallowfield Fishing Club.

  1. D. Pearce 2lb 12oz (Small Tench & Roach)
  2. K. Randall 0lb 12oz
  3. D. Clark 0lb 8oz (joint 3rd)
  4. D. Yates 0lb 8oz (joint 3rd)
  5. R. Norris 0lb 2oz
  6. N. Norris 0lb 1oz (joint 6th)
  7. R. Hatchett 0lb 1oz (joint 6th)
  8. B. Keirle DNWI
  9. J. Sitch DNWI