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 All Quiet On The Blackwater for 21 Club.

The frost had thankfully stayed away on the morning of the 3rd February and as a bonus , so had the rain although the forecast had predicted showers later in the day. The wind however, was breezy with gusts at times which could prove troublesome for those deciding to use quiver tips. The banks had been pegged the afternoon before with the provision for at least twenty anglers across both clubs, which, on the day proved to be correct. With the total number of anglers now standing at 20, each peg was drawn and recorded accordingly. Scales where allocated at intervals along the bank for the final weigh in later. Overall the weather conditions looked favourable, the river had slight colour, but a lot of pace.

The five hours proved to be rather worse than expected initially with not many fish showing at all. The final weigh in showed this with 21 Club taking first place overall with Swallowfield taking second and third. The winning weight for 21 Club was three Chub totaling 8lb. Second was 2 Chub to 6lb 4oz and third was a single Chub of 3lb 12 oz.

The results below are for the Swallowfield anglers.

  1. R. Hatchett 6lb 4oz    (second overall)
  2. D. Pearce 3lb 12oz    (third overall)
  3. S. McCarthy DNWI     (golden peg)
  4. M. McCarthy DNWI
  5. D. Clark DNWI
  6. D. Yates DNWI
  7. J. Sitch DNWI
  8. K. Randall DNWI
  9. R. Norris DNWI
  10. N. Norris DNWI
  11. B. Keirle DNWI