Ledger Cup

Wind Hampers Matchmens Efforts.

The Ledger Cup, last but one remaining match of the season, took place on the river Blackwater on Sunday 2nd March. As the name of the match implies, only the ledgering method is permitted for the duration. The previous days wind had continued to blow through the night and into the next morning. This would make bite detection difficult due to the rod tip being blown around by the wind. The match had due to have been a pegged match but was made a rover to give everyone a chance to move should they have picked a quiet swim.

Despite the wind, the majority of the 9 anglers caught with some good weights and species of fish showing, including Chub, Trout, Pike, Perch & Gudgeon. The results are as follows.

  1. D. Pearce       8lb 2oz (2 Chub)
  2. D . Clark         7 lb 14oz ( 2 Chub, 1@ 5lb)
  3. R. Hatchett    7lb 9oz (3 Chub)
  4. N. Norris        6lb 10oz (2 Chub)
  5. R. Norris        6lb 4oz (Chub, Perch, Gudgeon)
  6. S. McCarthy  4lb 6oz (Chub)
  7. J. Sitch          4lb 4oz (Chub)
  8. D. Yates        0lb 10oz
  9. B. Keirle         DNWI (Golden Peg)